Mr. John Sankey is Internet Harpschordist that records all Bach's harpsichord
Moreover, a lot of tunes of William Byrd and Domenico Scarlatti are recorded
besides Bach. It is impressed by the depth of the zeal dedicated to his harpsichord.
It is a site of Mr. John Sankey that can be known. There might be a new discovery.
I am very interested in this site.
John Sankey
Harpsichordist to the Internet
It is a site where the cantata and other information by Bach can be obtained.
This site can obtain information on Bach's Recordings, Discussions, Background
Information, Cantatas for Discussion, and Performers 'Short Biographies.
You might be surprised to be a lot of about information, too.
Bach Cantatas Website
2part & 3part
The Well Tempered
Clavier II
The Well Tempered
Clavier I
The Goldberg
English Top

6 Little
The Well Tempere
Clavier II
The Well Tempered Clav
ier I
12 Little
The Goldberg

2part & 3part
It is HP of Mr. Martin Reyto. Sunday of rain. It introduces the world of
Mr. Martin Reyto. Rainy Sunday is not only music. It is the world of the creation.
You must feel Music, Writing, and Graphics with HP of Mr. Martin reyto on Sunday
when it rains.
Rainy Sunday
It is HP of Mr. Gabriel Mihai Dragomir. It is possible ..others.. to listen to
Bach's tune.Moreover, it is possible to listen to midi that Mr. Dragomir made.
Please enjoy the world of "Peaces and Ideas" of Mr. Gabriel Mihai Dragomir.

Gabriel Mihai Dragomir
It is HP of Mr. Tomita who is doing the research activity of Bach with
school of Music and Queen 's University Belfast.
He is researching "The Well Tempered Clavier 2". It is possible to listen to
all of "The Well Tempered Clavier 2" with midi by making of Tomita and
the friend
Tomita Yo
Fujita's Homepage. I was really surprised because I saw this homepage
for the first time. Nobody can pursue "The Well Tempered Clavier"
by another like this. It is a homepage where it wants the people who love
BACH and "The Well Tempered Clavier" to see. It is possible to listen
with midi by which Fujita made all of "The Well Tempered Clavier".
Fujita's Home Page. We can listen to The Goldberg Variations by
Fijita's midi. This homepage can enjoy "Goldberg variations" by
a performance, a recording, an artist, a conversation, and various projects.
Music of Sacred
Music of Intellect
Specially Selection
BGM  The Goldberg Variations Var.24 Iori Fujita